Saint Thomas Becket Youth Group  #SQUAD

Our vibrant youth group here at St. Thomas is aimed at helping the youth in our parish to have the understanding that they are truly a part of our parish, and our faith community. The youth group has achieved a sense of genuineness and they possess a drive toward the future. They believe in themselves and have a sense of inner confidence. They believe in what they do, celebrate their commitments to action and express a sense of hope and courage.

We don’t just meet to discuss various topics. We provide a way for all of our members to do things together in fun ways, from ice-skating trips, to weekend outings. The youth in our parish also work extremely hard. They are involved in community service activities and fund-raisers that span a wide variety of interests. Our group has a lot of responsibility to work and build upon the blocks that have been laid, but the work is fun. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.

It doesn’t stop there. We work hard, and we play hard. One of our most important goals is to keep growing in our faith, strengthen our belief in God, and to always have faith and hope in the common good of life.

I am proud to lead this wonderful youth ministry here at St. Thomas Becket. I’m excited to see what the future brings to this ministry, to this group, and most of all to show our youth that they are an integral part of our parish family here at St. Thomas Becket.

St. Thomas is blessed to have this wonderful, vibrant, and bold program that brings much life and energy to our parish. As we continue to grow, I ask that you keep our youth in your prayers as the ministry grows with strong and active faith. My hope is that through their participation, they experience joy as never before.