“Then Jesus said to them, unless you eat of the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you shall have no life within you.” 

(John 6:53)


Eucharist, sometimes called Holy Communion, completes Christian initiation.  Through the Eucharist, which means “thanksgiving,” we participate with the worshiping community in the sacrifice of Jesus. The Eucharist commemorates the Last Supper when Jesus invited his disciples to “Take and eat, this is my Body” and “Take and drink, this is my Blood.”

In the Mass, the celebration of the Eucharist, we who are the Church, are united to Jesus and to one another through the gift of his Body and Blood.

As in the early church, some of the consecrated bread is reserved to bring to our sick and homebound to that they, too, may share in this sacrament.

Baptized adults who have never received the Eucharist, and who are interested in preparing for this sacrament, should contact Renata Sosin at 847-827-9220 or rsosin@stbmp.org   for further information.

Parents with children who have never received the Eucharist, and are interested in preparing them to receive the sacrament should contact Renata Sosin at 847-827-9220 or rsosin@stbmp.org  for enrollment in the Religious Education Program.

Please contact the Rectory at 847-827-9220 to arrange for the Eucharist to be brought regularly to the sick or the homebound.