Church Renovation $350,000
From our humble beginnings in 1969, and through many changes, we will move forward to the fulfillment of a dream. Almost 50 years ago our Founders sacrificed much to have a church and they achieved it. Today we would like to continue in that spirit. Most of the funds received from To Teach Who Christ Is
campaign will be used to restore our church to its original architectural plan. In an effort to update our worship space and bring it to its full functional potential, the restoration will include new pews, floor, projectors, sound system, and more. Let’s make our church welcoming, accessible, and comfortable to all parishioners and visitors who come through our doors.

Parish Goal—(cel parafii):   $615,000   As of—(z dniem): April 7, 2017

Total Pledged—(kwota zadeklarowana): $645,362

Percent of Goal—(procent kwoty docelowej):   105%